Early net based sound engines* by Peter Luining
Important Note: All works are still working (jan 2011) but need
adobe's shockwaveplayer, this is the forerunner of adobe's flash player
Click to download adobe shockwaveplayer.

              44-31/ optical synth 2.0 (1997)

               44-32/ dreun 4.01 (1999)

               44-39/ elektro dddots f/r (1997)

               63-21/ bouncer 1.01c (1998)

               67-11/ score (1998)

               67-14/ press+ (1997)

* sound engine = interactive computer software that gives the user
the possibility to make image and sound compositions within borders
defined by the artist. See also interview with Peter Luining by Steve
Tanza for Rhizome that focusses especially around interactive net
and computer based soundworks.

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